Think to Start with Car Location Service?

There is nothing easier!

To start using the service you need... noting. Simply sign up, download smartphone application and go on.
You should submit the ID of your app following web instructions to start tracking it.

It is FREE!

Regardless on if you're private or business user we don't charge you for using the service.

Have a fleet?

You probably have special devices or adapt your existing ones.

All KS2 devices, devices from Gecko Systems and KS2 corp and some more support Car Location service. You can simply purchase it on the Web or contacting us.

Your own devices also can be adapted for using or our service. We provide common API, proxy services, protocols and code libraries to connect almost any device. Easily, reliable and secure.

Mail to our development team to request all the materials needed for you. In the most of cases it is free.

Need Professional Service, Customization or Branding?

No problem, we will help you. Friendly, proactive and efficient.

Don't Need to Manage Cars?

We can offer you personal tracking approaches for seniors, children, private security and even indoor positioning.

Car Location Service Is an Universal Location Based Service Platform.
Start working with it right now!