Why Car Location Service?

Don't you want to know where is your car? Not just where... What's happening with it? Is it fine, or battery discharged, tyre deflated? Don't you want to know how are your relatives?
We think you are.

KS2 Car Location service offers you wide capabilities to track your car or fleet. And not just track. You can get all the information about what's happening with your vehicle, including actual information and history of changes.
It also provides even more. You can simply manage your car from the web. Forgot switching off head lights? Need engine on remotely? All is possible right from your browser.

Car Location is not just an end user service, it is a flexible and effective platform for your own location based services. Mail us to get more information about our API, SDK and adjustment capabilities. We're always on to get our service best matching your requirements and necessities.

KS2 Car Location Service is based on well scalable and specially designed Propulsivity engine being developed for provisioning of the universal LBS service. Not just car tracking or fleet management, but personal tracking, POI searching, carpooling, SOS services...

Need to provide your customers with efficient high quality remote tracking, diagnostics, management and control service? No problem. We accept co-branding and white label service provisioning.

Doubt how to use the service?
Order preinstalled devices in KS2 or simply use our Android application. Or use our SDK for your own devices. Nothing easier.

Build your own service with us!